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An artistic landscape can dramatically improve the value of your home or business as well as your quality of life. We can help you realize the potential of your property! Creating landscapes that will transform your space into a living, growing piece of art. Daniel will work with the vision you have in mind or design his own to create a personalized botanical art piece. He combines over 30 years of experience in art and horticulture to create original living environments that will certainly impress all who encounter them. Working with the skill and knowledge of a licensed contractor , you can rest assured that your results will be not only beautiful and functional, but also safe and sound, with your children, pets and special needs considered.Ideas - Daniel has dedicated himself to bringing further beauty into Northern California just CA, Because of his love for nature Daniel has an insatiable desire to create living, growing art. And share it with others. Working with our team of designers we will draw out the ideas you have. Look at your space and figure out a style best suited for your wants and needs.Our designers will meet with you to discuss your future “Living Canvas”. They will draw up your vision based on esthetic and functional desires before Daniel and his team of Botanical Art apprentices begin the process of making your dream come to life.Specializing in:Custom waterfalls, Exquisite Plants,Koi Ponds,Lighting, Stone Patios, Stonepatios, sote, patios, stome, stomes. stones, rocks, rock, roc, rockk, rok, Streams,Stone Walkways,Stone, Description  Word, Walls, Unique Landscaping Our visionaries, clients provided a mission. Conquer the everyday drab. We overcame the ordinary with flowers, groundcover and trees boasting every color of the rainbow in a variety of textures and styles. An open mind leads to exquisite unique garden find. An open mind leaves the everyday behind.An open mind reveals a unique garden view On a mission to conquer the everyday drab. other than the everyday drab.We accomplished this desire using every color of the rainbow in a variety of plants, stone work , brick work and waterfalls they provide their own rainbows. perennial, annual, Creating landscapes that will make your space into a living, growing piece of art. Type onto every page.Follow the path to your garden outdoor dreams.An artist’s open mind leaves the everyday ordinary behind.Let a botanical artist dreams build you waterfalls and streams.Realize your dreams. Create the scenes of your dreams.Have you ever wanted your house in Home & Garden?You can be the envy of your neighborhood.Turn your small spaces into exotic oasises.A place to play , relax, live and love each next to a picture.CITY ESCAPE A bright and beautiful welcome home.A rainbow of a welcome home.A welcome home. Rainbows of life welcome. Open minds leave the everyday behind.The path to a peaceful mind. Set your mind, body and spirit at ease on pathways of visual pleasure. Where the silver lining is (my)(our) specialty. Silver lining included. Wander into a landscape of blooms and waterways. White picket fences, the silver lining on of storybook surroundings. A life dream brought to reality. Take serenity in your surroundings. A place of your very own to relax, play, live and love. Daniel’s botanical artistry turned client dreams this dream into reality. Peaceful places for peace of mind. Turn your chain link into a picket fence. Block out the busy outside world with tranquility and beauty. Transition to a more pleasant location at home and or work. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, at your home and or office. Blank spaces make beautiful places. Let Daniel make your landscape wishes come true. Realize the potential of your property. Would you be happier at home if it looked more like Rome? We specialize in lighting up people’s eyes and lives. Is something missing? Let an artist create a place for your cat to go fishing ponds, waterfalls etc.Seen any butterflies lately? Let a botanical artist fill your garden with life.See paradise without leaving your home, Depict, symbolize, portrayed, Beauty, splendor, brilliance, dazzling, magnificent, NOTEWORTHY, WONDERFUL, UNUSUAL, REMARKABLE, EXCEPTIONAL, extraordinary,