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An artistic landscape can dramatically improve the value of your home or business as well as quality of life. Below are some ideas and questions that can make planning your project simple and fun. Please call if you have special questions or concerns that were not addressed. After submission of this form a specialist will be in contact to discuss your living art project.

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The Details of Your Dream

There are limitless aesthetic and functional possibilities to consider while planning your ultimate living dream.  Please check all boxes that appeal to you.

Arbor / Trellis    Meditation Area    Seating and Viewing Areas   
Aviary    Moon Garden for Evenings    Secluded Area   
BBQ / Outdoor Eating Area    Ornamental Pond    Spa to relax in   
Curb appeal    Outdoor Fire    Special Place for Animals   
Decking / Stairways    Pathways    Stone Hardscapes   
Fencing or Gated Areas    Patio / Terrace    Storage Space   
Fountain    Plants to Attract Wildlife    Stream   
Golf green    Play Area for Children    Terraced Landscaping   
Gazebo    Pool to play and exercise in    Tree House   
Irrigation/ Watering Systems    Privacy Barrier    Vegetable / Flower Gardens   
Koi Pond    Protection from Animals    Water Efficient Planting   
Low Maintenance    Ramps for Accessability    Waterfall   
Lighting    Retaining Walls   

                                     Favorites or Just Plain Likes

For a better idea of your vision and how to design your unique living art piece, please complete some or all of the categories below.

Favorite Color
Secondary Color
Third Color
Shrubs and Bushes
Deciduous (Seasonally Dormant)
Fruit Trees
When would you like to see your project begin?
Are there specific materials you would like to incorporate into your design?
Have you visited somewhere or have pictures of places that inspire you?
Are there problem areas or dislikes in your current landscaping?
Do you have any questions, comments or concerns?

Thank You for taking the time to fill out this form.

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