Brochure,Luxurious.Turn an average yard into a piece of living art. Let us, we, create personalized pieces of living art. Coming from an artist standpoint, we want to take your concepts or desires and build on them meld with and shape them into a tangible outside world you have helped create, this your part in the creative process, your initial vision. We build it. We plant it. We make dreams come true.Like every artist knows , your only limitations are your visions. meant to live in, to heighten your senses.Botanical Art vs. LL. In bee orange eyes, beesmartsoftware logo Narrative about Daniel - About the artist - Botanical Artist. Art background pastels, landscapes, nature, engineer brings the science background to the table. Has spent thousands of hours in nature, which has greatly influenced his work, studied the movement of a waterfall, waterfalls can be tuned, plants can be tuned, understands how to make the water do what he wants.The mediums he is choosing to work with is rocks and stones, plants, he will often sit down and listen to a client, What is you dream vision, utilization, theme from that point.that he later turned into something akin to an oak tree bonsai. a friend with a handful of tools and a flat bed truck, he let his first marks grow. About the artist. “The story of a rosemary tree”. As art finds life within an individual from a variety of places, Daniel’s was a rosemary plant. A naturalist and hiker, passed down from father to son, an overachiever academically in high school… Daniel was asked to take a goof-off class. Because of his love for science and technology he chose ornamental horticulture. One day his teacher took the students on a field trip to a failing nursery and were asked to pick out of a pile of discarded plants just one to work with. He discovered a struggling rosemary bush. It was that sad herb he turned into his first Bonsai. One that he’d nurture for decades to come. This little tree, found in a class he wasn’t supposed to take seriously, led him to his first landscaping company. Two years later, equipped with a shovel and his motorcycle, he made his first lasting marks in California. Growing up in the wilderness, out in nature, every plant, every stream and waterfall caught his eye and kept his attention. After the first Bonsai, Daniel began to recreate the trails he’d walked, waterfalls his fingers had passed through, places he dreamed of seeing. He did this with vibrant reproductions in pastels and with plants and stones in other’s yards as well as his own. His living canvas. He turned bushes, flowers and trees into paint. The earth became his canvas as his hands and tools brushed visions into a living, growing piece of art. A few years later Daniel still has this vision. He has a desire to create living, growing pieces of art. It is because this is what he knows and who he is that he expresses his love of nature and helps others nurture theirs. The artist just needs more canvas…….