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Stuart L. Terry
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Stuart Terry consults with leading industrial products and consumer products companies. Recent projects focus on: Innovation and Growth; Competitive Intelligence; Opportunity Assessment; Portfolio Optimization; and Technology Strategic Planning. He joined The Fusfeld Group, Inc. as Senior Associate in 1998. At Fusfeld he continues his career-long emphasis on obtaining business results from technology. His experience in obtaining business results from technology was developed at Monsanto Chemical Co. and furthered at Sonoco Products Co. Stuart’s education is in Chemical Engineering. He holds a Ph.D. degree from Cornell University and an M.S. degree in Management from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is an invited speaker at national conventions delivering papers on aspects of the strategic management of technology. He recently completed a CDROM curriculum, which trains R&D personnel to obtain market information in support of early stage ideas.

Before joining The Fusfeld Group, Inc., he served as Director of Corporate Technology at Sonoco Products Co. Sonoco is a $3B/year leader in the packaging industry. At Sonoco his responsibilities included: Technology Planning; Technology Development; and New Business Development.
  • He developed and facilitated the annual process used by the business units to add Technology Planning to their annual planning process. The process created tightly linked technical and business strategic plans.

  • He designed, staffed, and managed the Technology Development Department at Sonoco. The Department’s design resulted from an assessment of Corporate Core Competences, customer needs, and business unit capabilities. The Department was staffed over five years, and it became the major technical force within the industry. Both customers and business units credited the work of this department as being responsible for gaining and retaining high market share positions. It designed and executed many joint innovation programs with customers, and it invented a new generation of product technology, which resulted in eight new products with annual sales volume of $25 million within two years. This unit was responsible for millions of dollars of process savings obtained by applying advanced engineering and science knowledge to manufacturing units across the company.

  • New Business Development was key to Sonoco strategic plan during Dr. Terry’s tenure. The company grew sales by 60% in ten years without diluting profit margins or shareholder value. Dr. Terry led or was a member on 12 multifunctional new business assessment teams during this time frame. Successes include adding two new division-sized businesses, improving the competitive and financial position of a new, under-performing subsidiary, and jump-starting a new business venture by finding the best licensable technology available.

Prior to Sonoco Products Company, he was at Monsanto Chemical Company where he started his professional career in process research later moving to product development and R&D supervision. His interests evolved to include a business orientation. He obtained an M.S. in Management, while continuing at Monsanto, and then sequentially he became Manager Strategic Planning, Manager Business Development and Manager Technology Acquisition. The emphasis of these assignments was on creating business value from technology. Creating business value from technology became his focus, and it continues to be his focus today.
  • At Monsanto, his Product Development group was credited with 17 new products with annual sales volume over $500 million. The development and commercialization of these products involved extensive customer contact, developing in him a deep sense of the customer which continues through today.

  • Following R&D supervision responsibilities, he was promoted to Manager of Technology Strategic Planning. This position was responsible for strategic planning for the 1500 person R&D organization at Monsanto. The major emphases were on project and program evaluation, alignment, and on defining the “gap” between pipeline potential and growth aspirations. The “gap” analysis showed the need for market information to support exploratory efforts, for amplifying external partnering, and for beginning the effort in Technology Acquisition.

  • New Business Development focus was on evaluating the market potential for exploratory products and definition of new market opportunities for existing businesses. About ½ of the exploratory products were archived. Business plans were constructed for the remainder and resources were reassigned to amplify the effort on the remainder. Four new market opportunities were defined for an existing division; one was actualized.

  • Technology Acquisition focused on enhancing the growth plans of an existing division by finding enabling technology that was available through license or joint development. This assignment involved working with European companies quite extensively. Two cornerstone technologies were acquired.

His education is in Chemical Engineering and in Business. He earned his Ph.D. and Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and he earned his Masters degree in Technology Management at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute. His areas of technical expertise are Polymers, Paper, and Composites.

Dr. Terry is an emeritus member of the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), which he has been associated with since the 1970s. He provided instruction to the IRI Advanced Studies Group for the course: "Technology Strategic Planning; Creating Business Value" for three years. He is also a 30-year member of the Society of Plastics Engineers and of TAPPI for 15 years. He has served on several committees for these organizations. These include the Advanced Studies Committee and the Executive Education Committee of the IRI and the Research Management Committee and the Publication Committees of TAPPI.

He has delivered papers on: Best Practices in Innovation, Technology Metrics, and Core Competences. He is the author of a CDROM training product called: “Information for Innovation: Market Research for R&D.

In addition to his relationship with The Fusfeld Group, Inc., he is a consultant at the National Center for Composites Technology in Columbia, SC. and is a general consultant to a Computer Learning company, which is beginning nationwide expansion aided by venture capital. He serves as Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Trident Technical College.

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