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Ruth Walker, Feltmaker

Colorful, Highly-textured, Hand-felted Accessories of Hand-dyed Wool, Permanently Moth-proofed

In the immortal words of "Singin' in the Rain" screen star, Lina Lamont,

"If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as if our hard work ain't been in vain for nothin'."

Ruth E. Wiedenhoeft Walker  
Ruth Walker, feltMaker  

rwalker@feltmaker. om  

Your Comments
Please leave your comments, questions, and helpful suggestions here. If you prefer a private response, please e-mail me. Thanks for taking the time!

Subject highly recommended

Date Tue Oct 24 2000 14:03

Author Betsy Goy (goye@ohsu.edu)

Enter your message here.
This is an excellent site for wool fans (though paper fans might work better, I think). Hope you can sell your products in Oregon soon!


Subject Great site!

Date Fri Oct 27 2000 17:39

Author tobi (tobiwalker@hotmail.com)

Great site -- I'd like to place an order. Are your balls o'felt okay for newborns? Will you be taking credit card orders anytime soon?

Isn't it funny that we have the same last name?


     Subject Felt balls are great for little kids!

Date Sun Jul 8 2001 20:34

Author ruth walker (rwalker@feltmaker.com)

Dear Tobi, Although tiny tykes will have a hard time actually holding the ball, it will be great to push around in the crib. And don't forget, they are machine wash- and dryable, so any gooey substances can be easily eliminated. (Slurp.)


Subject I love your site

Date Thu Dec 28 2000 15:23

Author Dana (danedanes@hotmail.com)

This is a great site. You do beautiful work! Everyone should have one of your felt hats!


Subject moth proof

Date Wed Apr 11 2001 15:04

Author Susanne (susanne@wollemond.de)

Really nice site, Ruth! Especially the hats look fine. Can You tell me, how you make the felt permanently moth proof? I use Neem-Oil and I have to repeat the application regularly.
cu, Susanne (from wollemond / Germany) ;o)


     Subject mothproof

Date Tue Apr 17 2001 07:32

Author ruth walker (rwalker@feltmaker.com)

Susanne, I use Mitten FF mothproof. I get it from a local vendor. I don't know who makes it. I do know that it is odorless and colorless, and permanent. I would think it was a big scam, but none of the wool I have treated with it over the years has ever been damaged, whereas things I haven't treated have holes in them. It may go by other names, but I think if it has the "FF" as part of the name, that is it. Ruth


Subject Howdy!

Date Sun Jul 8 2001 20:48

Author Amy walker (amylaurel_2001@yahoo.com)

Spify webpage mom! I think that you did a GREAT job...give your self a hug! (Do you get it? Remember Frasier?) hehehehehahahahaharharharhar! Bye.


Subject Feltmaker Web site

Date Tue Oct 2 2001 13:44

Author Kelsey Eichman (kelseyeichman@earthlink.net)

Ruth is a great feltmaker!


     Subject Ruth is a great feltmaker!

Date Tue Oct 2 2001 13:48

Author Kelsey Eichman (kelseyeichman@earthlink.net)

Enter your message here.


Subject Your wonderful felt

Date Wed Feb 20 2002 13:41

Author Pamela Goldston (djdental@internettv.net.au)

What a wonderful site. I've fallen in love with your hats. If I was in USA I'd come to a workshop. I became enamoured of felt a number of years ago and have just done a 2 day workshop with Jeanette Appleton from UK . I have one question I'd love to ask. What do you shape your hats over, I have a hat block and I have read about rubber balls but I am just a bit lost. I would love to order one of your hats for my daughter in law. Would you send one to Australia?


     Subject Shaping

Date Wed Feb 27 2002 07:47

Author Ruth Walker (rwalker@feltmaker.com)

Pamela, I make the hats on a ball, tug them over a wood-and-cloth wig stand to smooth out the crown, then put them onto a block to get them oval. The brim is shaped by hand. Even the berets are pulled over the wig stand, to smooth them out, then stretched into shape. I would be more than pleased to send a hat to Australia, the land in which I learned to love beautiful wool. Ruth


Subject ohhh ahhh

Date Thu Apr 25 2002 21:09

Author amy (u know it)

wow mom thats cool. good job i'm proud of you. i love you.
love amy


Subject Jan's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Date Thu Apr 25 2002 22:11

Author Jan Strate (jstrate@mchsi.com)

I was checking out a resale shop one day and as I passed by the rack of coats, I was struck by the most amazing colors. It was a beautiful shawl coat. I could see that it was an artisan's work and quickly made my purchase. When I got home I looked up your name on the internet and found out that you're the "Feltmaker".

I want to tell you that the coat is the most beautiful with the most colorful weaves I have ever seen. Excuse me for gushing but I just love it. And I know I got it for much, much less that it is worth.

I want to say thank you and I appreciate your artwork!


Subject Kudos

Date Mon May 13 2002 09:30

Author sue fahey (fahey@vip.net)

Enter your message here. I found your site through the dyers' list and just wish I lived closer to you to see these neat things in person.


Subject What a Terrific Site!

Date Mon Jun 17 2002 15:49

Author Heather Tucker (hjt@stedwards.co.uk)

I have loved looking at your site! In England we don't seem to go into felting so much, but the craft is growing. I am a very enthusiastic amateur felter, looking forward to doing a week long college course in the summer.So hopefully, I will improve! Thanks again for a great site. If anyone wants to e-mail me in England, I would love to hear from other amateur enthusiasts. With best wishes from the U.K.


Subject HATS

Date Wed Jul 10 2002 16:26


Enter your message here.


Subject Your Wonderful Felting!!

Date Mon Aug 26 2002 12:45

Author Sue Cote' (cote@clear.net.nz)

Ruth I stopped by to look at your wonderful felting!
What an inspiration!!
Wishing you every success!


Subject Your creations

Date Tue Nov 5 2002 06:59

Author Martha Berger (kkaos@crosslink.net)

Enter your message here.Your creations are truly wearable/usable art! Really outstanding and a great website! Martha


Subject Great stuff!

Date Sat Dec 7 2002 01:52

Author Suzanne (ksb@hal-pc.org)

I just bought one of your purses today at Screen Porch Art in Houston. On the one hand I wish they'd had more to look at, but on the other hand I had such a hard time making up my mind between the 4 purses and pockets they had. Do you know what I mean? I love your art. It's so exciting to see such beautiful and unique hand crafted pieces.


Subject Your beautiful hats

Date Sun Sep 28 2003 22:42

Author Mary Frances Pogue (pmfpogue@yahoo.com)

Enter your message here.Dear Ms. Walker,
I purchased one of you brimed hats at Aunt Julia's in Virginia City, Montana this summer. It will be my eldest daughter's birthday gift. My youngest daughter loves the hat and now it's at the top of her Christmas list. I will check with Aunt Julia's, but if she doesn't have the dark navy one in stock, do you have one or can you steer me in the direction of one of your galleries which might have a brimed hat that will go with a dark navy "P" coat. Your hats are so special and pretty. I am so glad that I found them. Thank you. MFP


     Subject Navy hat with brim

Date Tue Sep 2 2014 12:04

Author Ruth (rwalker@feltmaker.com)

I do have a Navy blue hat: tone on tone, Navy silk and yarns on Navy blue felt. I hope you were able to find what you desired!


Subject just a hello

Date Thu Dec 11 2003 10:03

Author Kathi (werwieds@powerweb.net)

Enter your message here.Hi Ruth
Looks great!


Subject balls with bells

Date Sat Oct 30 2004 17:46

Author Barbara (barbarastu@localnet.com)

Hi This is a great site. I saw your balls in a little shop in Malvern, PA. Lovely! I work with adults with disabilites and we have been knitting and just beginning to felt a little recently. I wonder how you get the bells inside your balls to ring. Ours won't ring after being felted (with carded wool not yarn). Any tricks? I even tried wrapping one bell with foil before felting. Helpful hints would be grand . We won't be any competition!!!!

D you use yarn or roving or both? Mixed?

Thanks for the inspiration!


     Subject balls with bells

Date Mon Dec 27 2004 17:45

Author Ruth Walker (rwalker@feltmaker.com)

Dear Barbara, I apologize for taking so long to reply to your email; autumn was so busy for me that this is the first time I've checked my website in a long, long time.

I dry my balls in the dryer for probably 2-3 hours right after felting the balls so that the bells don't have time to rust. We've also found that the metal jingles have the best chance of giving a "jingle" after felting -- the plastic "jingles" just seem to rattle after felting.

What do we actually use? We used to use the cat toys that look like plastic cages with a jingle inside. However, I cannot always find these, and sometimes the jingle is not metal. So now I buy what are called "practice golf balls" that look like little whiffle balls. I cut these open (if you do a lot of those you are best off wearing leather gloves so that you minimize the chance of getting blisters) and shove in a tiny
metal bell.

Roving or some other carded form of wool is wrapped around, then the locks and yarn around that; the locks and yarn are just embellishment.

If you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them; please direct them to my email address rather than the website. Best wishes, Ruth


Subject Great Site

Date Wed Mar 16 2005 09:06

Author Catherine Stickann (BusyCS4@aol.com)

I really enjoyed your site. I raise alpacas. I spin the fiber, knit it and felt it. I just started the felting this winter. I am having a great time with it.


Subject From Sweden

Date Mon Sep 10 2007 10:38

Author Sofia A (saroja@spray.se)

I like your work.
I am a felmaker from Sweden
I woult like to come in contact with other felt artists


     Subject To contact other felt artists

Date Sat Oct 13 2007 12:51

Author Ruth E.W. Walker (rwalker@feltmaker.com)

Hello, Sofia! One way to contact other feltmakers is through the Feltmakers Listserv, operated by Pat Spark of the U.S.A. A list of links can be reached from her site at the page Organizations and Artists. Follow the directions at the upper left-hand corner of that page to subscribe to the Feltmakers email listserv. Regards, Ruth


Subject Fellow local Missouri feltmaker

Date Fri Feb 1 2008 13:51

Author Shalana (a.k.a. the funky felter) (shalana@mac.com)

It is nice to come across a fellow traditional feltmaker from Missouri. I live in the Kansas City metro area. Your felts are wonderful! I've only been felting for a few years now, but I really enjoy it.
--Shalana (thefunkyfelter.com)


     Subject felting in Missouri

Date Mon Feb 4 2008 11:36

Author Ruth Walker, feltMaker (rewwalker@charter.net)

Shalana, We of the Columbia Weavers and Spinners' Guild Feltmakers Study Group hope that you'll be able to come to one of our meetings -- there are at least a half dozen hard core felters in mid-Missouri. http://cwsg.missouri.org


Subject good to see you!

Date Sun Oct 12 2008 10:33

Author Dana Jones (calicocatpress@mac.com)

Ruth it was good to see you in Taos! I have posted some pics of the wool festival at my blog http://calicocatpress.blogspot.com.

I hope you enjoy seeing them. Love, Dana


     Subject Dana at the Mad Hatters' Ball

Date Tue Mar 3 2009 17:42

Author Ruth Walker, feltMaker (rwalker@feltmaker.com)

Nice to see the pictures of you and your hat at the Mad Hatters' Ball!

I'm scheduled to be back teaching in Eureka Springs this summer; will you be back? Ruth


Subject Hats from Ruth Walker

Date Tue Jan 20 2009 08:45

Author Carol Fleisher (fleishercw@missouri.edu)

I have two of your wonderful hats and I wear them and feel so good in them. I am delighted that you will be holding a class on felting...it will be fun to see how you made "my" hats! Carol F.


     Subject hat felting classes

Date Tue Mar 3 2009 17:45

Author Ruth Walker, feltMaker (rwalker@feltmaker.com)

Carol -- Where will you be taking a class from me?

I'm very pleased to know your hats are working. Ruth


Subject Ruth Walker's Work

Date Mon Jan 26 2009 14:39

Author Joanne Wilson (jowilson01@gmail.com)

How could Ruth's work be anything but wonderful if she quotes Lina LaMont!! I hope to see your work at a show or gallery somewhere on the east coast.


     Subject Lina LaMont

Date Tue Mar 3 2009 17:47

Author Ruth Walker, feltMaker (rwalker@feltmaker.com)

My father recently saw "Singin' in the Rain" and had to call me to ask for the correct wording of Lina's cooing comment to her soon-not-to-be-quite-as-adoring public.

I'm tempted to change the quote to something to do with the inaugural address (something to do with "maker[s] of thing") but although it's true it's just not as funny (nor was it meant to be, of course.)

Joanne, you can find my work at two places on the east coast: at Julie's on Madison Ave in NYC and at Gallery of the Mountains (in the Grove Park Inn) in Asheville, NC.


Subject Planet pincushion

Date Tue May 23 2017 16:56

Author Phyllis Burcaw (Pburcaw@mac.com)

Hello from Texas. I purchased 2 of your beautiful planet pincushions from the Houston Quilt Festival 2 years ago. My grown daughter is in love with mine and I would love to buy her one. Are you still making them? Where might I find one?


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Ruth Walker, Feltmaker
Colorful, highly-textured hand-felted wool accessories for head, hands, hearth, and home; permanently mothproofed.


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