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Ruth Walker, Feltmaker

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Ruth Walker, Feltmaker

Colorful, Highly-textured, Hand-felted Accessories of Hand-dyed Wool, Permanently Moth-proofed

In the immortal words of "Singin' in the Rain" screen star, Lina Lamont,

"If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as if our hard work ain't been in vain for nothin'."

Ruth E. Wiedenhoeft Walker  
Ruth Walker, feltMaker  

rwalker@feltmaker. om  

Some Useful Links

Wickline Color Filter
It's very interesting to be able to approximate how those with various forms of color "blindness" see any given web page/URL address.

OliArt "Hat on a Ball"
Watch charming & youthful artist Olivia Gray as she demonstrates one possible way of felting "on the Ball."

United Nations International Year of Natural Fibers: Wool page
2009 has been designated by the United Nations as the International Year of Natural Fibers. While this link takes one directly to the Wool page, you can learn even more by clicking on the Home button once on the site.

Would you like to know a bit about industrial wool felt? It's amazing stuff and used in insulation and in medical polishing.

Local Harvest U.S. domestic wool sources
These are farms selling their fiber through Local Harvest. On the home page one can select a region of the country from which to procure locally grown food and other farm products.

"Fashioning Felt" at Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design
Up until September 7th in New York City. Your Smithsonian membership gets you in free.

U.S. Sheep Breed Directory
Collated by the University of Nebraska, which, incidentally, brought back the historical Navajo "Churro" breed.

Wikipedia "Felt" article

A fine Wilkipedia article on Felt. Also includes further links.

Miscellaneous historical felting references
from Deborah Pipe of the U.K.

Permanent Mothproofing
Chemical formula. Unfortunately, Ciba-Geigy stopped manufacturing it around 2009 or 2010.

The Making of Beaver Felt Hats (historical)
Do you wonder from whence the term "mad hatter" comes? Be assured (be very assured) that almost none of the processes described herein bear resemblance to how I use sheep's-wool.

Feltmakers' List FAQ
The site to answer your questions about how numerous people make felt, specific objects of felt, types of wool to use, etc. Compiled by master felter, Pat Spark.

Physical & Chemical Structure of Wool
From Australia's CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization)

Wool Fiber/Fibre Characteristics
A description from the New Zealand Wool Board.

The Process of Industrial Feltmaking
Australian Felt Specialists Pty Ltd director Colin Read has written a description of how wool is felted industrially.

How Much Work is Required to Make Felt by Hand?
Jorie Johnson demonstrates her rolling technique.

Detailed Flat-felting Instructions
4 pages of illustrated flat-felting instructions, by Shelby Cefaretti, on the Handweavers Guild of America (HGA) site.

Outback Fiber: Jill Gully's felting instructions.
Several step-by-step instructions for felting.


Another description of "felt" and a link to Mongolian people making felt can be found at mamaquilla.

International Feltmakers Association
Headquartered in the U.K., with active regional felting guilds. Publishers of the quarterly "Echoes."

I buy most of my wool from the prize-winning flock of Andy and Desiree' McMurry. Carefully bred from New Zealand stock of Romney and Merino sheep. The Genopalette catalog features handwoven articles of beautiful naturally colored of Humble Hills Sheep and Wool in Franklin, Missouri. Weaving by Elzan McMurry. Yarns and fleeces are also offered, as well as a lot of useful information.

Black Pines Sheep and Wool
Gorgeous fleeces from Eaton, Colorado, including white and colored Merino, Rambouillet, Karakul, Romeldale, California Variegated Mutant, Teeswater, and 87.5% Wensleydale as of 2005. These fleeces are well-skirted and the sheep are meticulously cared for. Black Pines is my first choice for domestic Wensleydale, Teeswater and Cotswold wool locks. Roy and Myrtle Dow, proprietors.

ABC Ranch Naturals
Wool processing by Bonnie and Carl Ahrens near St. Louis, MO -- beautiful work! Bonnie scours each fleece, making sure each lock is clean for a cleaner product. ABC Ranch also hosts numerous felting workshops and is a reliable source for felting needles, kits, and dyed needlepunched wool.

Prochemical and Dye
In addition to being the source for the WashFast Acid and Sabraset dyes and their assists that I use, this site also features detailed worksheets on how to use all of their products. The print catalog is free; yarn samples of the Sabraset dyes are $4 per sheet, while the WashFast Acid samples are $10. The company also sells dyeing and safety equipment for prudent and safe use of their dyes.

Paula Burch's Dyeing Information Site
Great information about using lots of different types of dyes as well as frequently asked questions about dyes, dyeing, discharging, and safety issues.

Hillcreek Fiber Studio
Source for natural and synthetic dyes as well as their associated chemicals. Extensive catalog and class listings. Famous for patented triangle loom. 1-800-TRI-WEAV for orders.

Columbia Weavers & Spinners' Guild
To quote: "The Columbia Weavers and Spinnersí Guild is organized to support education in the skills of weaving, spinning and other fiber arts and to promote the appreciation of these arts and crafts in central Missouri.

"The guild was founded in 1947 as the Columbia Weavers Guild and specialized in weaving alone. Since our founding we have grown to encompass other fiber arts such as spinning, dyeing, felting, papermaking, knitting, basketweaving, quilting and surface designing, etc. Now called the Columbia Weavers and Spinnersí Guild, we welcome weavers, spinners and fiber enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. Members include beginners, hobbyists, professionals, and teachers."

The major educational and fundraising event for the Guild's scholarship programs is held annually on the second full weekend of November at The Boone Country Heritage Society Museum on Ponderosa Dr. in Columbia, MO.

Taos Wool Festival and The Mountain and Valley Wool Association
All things about the current Taos Wool Festival. A juried show, The Taos Wool Festival, always the first full weekend of October, exists to promote the animal fibers of Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. It is the work of The Mountain and Valley Wool Association.

Weaving/Knitting Resource Page (Paradise Fibers)
Not felting; rather, two yarn-related arts -- over, under, around and through.

The Best of Missouri Hands (officially known as the Missouri Artisans Association)
BOMH is a 501c3 organization which promotes fine craft education in Missouri and wherever its over 400 members travel. Its annual March conference is not to be missed: with seminars and work sessions featuring locally and nationally known experts on display and presentation as well as probing and informative slide reviews along with a gala presentation gallery of members' works, how can you possibly not attend?

Bluestem Missouri Crafts
Since 1983, Bluestem has showcased traditional & contemporary crafts from Missouri & its 8 neighboring states. In 2005 our artists voted us Niche Top Retailer of American Craft. (Read the Niche article from the link at the top their website.)

Ruth Walker, Feltmaker
Colorful, highly-textured hand-felted wool accessories for head, hands, hearth, and home; permanently mothproofed.


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