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Vista del Lago

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Vista del Lago

to show you photos of the progress we are making during the refurbishing pro

CNW Marketing Research is proud to announce that it has purchased a new facility on Ten Mile Lake in Lakeside, Oregon (see map below) for use as a site for company-client meetings, executive sessions and other business-related events. (Click here for a quick general outline of these sessions.)

It will be called Vista del Lago (view of the lake).

The building, constructed in 1970, requires some repairs and updating before our first round of executive sessions are held. We will use this page
cess. (Click here for the latest construction and revision photos.)

Other sections under "Vista del Lago" will provide information about upcoming sessions at the facility, open dates and other information. Stay tuned. The view below is at dawn in March looking up the Devore Arm of 10 Mile Lake from Vista del Lago's deck. 

The first project was to upgrade the boat house (at bottom of photo above) since the only access to the facility is by water. A new roof and insulation was added with more cosmetic changes in the works. CNW will pick up guests at the Lakeside Marina and shuttle them to Vista del Lago -- a 6 minute ride.

The map below shows the location of the city of Lakeside. The Star represents the city. The black dot is the location of Vista del Lago. "Coast Highway" is Highway 101.

Rectangle 1


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