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I couldn't find what I was looking for on the price list or website.  Now what can I do?

call us toll-free at 1-800-615-0868 from 9:00 to 5:00 Eastern Standard Time.


Are all medications available from Canadian or overseas pharmacies?


  • We cannot ship controlled substances from Canadian or overseas pharmacies. 
  • Some medications are simply not available in Canadian or overseas pharmacies.

However, we also represent a United States pharmacy for medications or controlled substances not available in Canadian or overseas pharmacies.


How long will it take to get my order?

Our Canadian and overseas pharmacies have 72 hours to ship your package, from the time they receive your order and faxed prescription from MEDS FOR LESS.

CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, and UNITED KINGDOM pharmacies:  Allow 5 to 10 business days after your order is shipped.*

ITALY, AUSTRALIA, FIJI, INDIA pharmacies:  Allow 7 to 12 business days after your order is shipped.*

We cannot ship overnight or 2-day delivery from Canadian or overseas pharmacies, because it will automatically result in your package being confiscated in Customs.

All packages are shipped registered and insured via regular mail.

UNITED STATES pharmacy:  Allow 3 to 5 business days after your order is shipped.

Orders placed with our U.S. pharmacy require either an original pescription to be mailed in, or your doctor must call or fax in your prescription directly.  Most orders are shipped the same day they receive your prescription.

 *Note: Occasionally, higher security has increased some delivery times. 


What are the shipping costs?

Orders from Canada are shipped registered and insured for $9.95 per order (not per item).  Husbands and wives can ship together for one fee.

Orders from New Zealand, Australia, India, and the UK have no shipping fee.

Orders from the United States ship for $4.50 + insurance per order (not per item).  (Insurance is $1.00 per $87.00)  Husbands and wives can ship together as long as they have the same last name.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

Yes!  No one should take any prescription drug without the direct supervision of a physician or licensed practitioner.  We require a legally binding statement from you that you have seen your physician and, permiting us to contact your doctor if neccessary.  Additionally, our Canadian pharmacist and physician must review your medical history and approve your prescription before we will fill and ship your order.

We advise you to request your doctor fill out the prescription for a three-month quantity with three refills.  That results in a prescription for a one-year period.

(You may still choose to order less than a three-month supply.)

All prescriptions are valid until one year after the date they were written.


Can I get more than a three-month supply?

It depends on where you are ordering your medication from.

In Canadian and overseas pharmacies, we are limited by regulation to three-months (as prescribed by your doctor).

A three-month supply is determined by how your prescription is written, i.e. dosage instructions and the quantity available on your prescription.

In the United States, you may order up to a one-year supply, provided there is enough quantity and/or refills written on your prescription.

Controlled substances, which are only available from the United States, may only be ordered in the exact quantity written on the prescription, regardless of refills. 


Are the medications the same as we buy here in the States?

The same companies that manufacture U.S. Drugs, also manufacture the drugs in Canada and overseas countries.  Canadian and overseas pharmacies maintain very high standards as in the U.S.

Drug companies will sometimes vary the medication brand-name or pill color according to country.  The active ingredients remain the same.

In most cases, the differences will be noted on our online drug price list.

Why are the prices so much less?

  • 1)  Drug prices are regulated by the Canadian government and some overseas pharmacies.
  • 2)  The American dollar buys more due to the exchange rate.  (Subject to fluctuations)
  • 3)  Drug companies cannot advertise in Canada.
  • 4)  Drug patents in Canada only last for 10 years, as opposed to 25 or more in the U.S.


Will a pharmacist be available if I have questions?

Yes.  We have a team of pharmacists available to assist our customers.

Also, a pharmacist will contact you if they notice a potential drug conflict in the medications you are taking.


What is your return policy?

Just as in the United States, Canadian and overseas pharmacies are prohibited by regulation from using returned drugs even when they are unopened.

Please make every effort to see that your prescription is written correctly.  We cannot take returns due to customer error.

We also cannot take returns due to your doctor changing his mind and taking you off a medication after it has already shipped.

However, if an error has occured because MEDS FOR LESS or the pharmacy made a mistake and sent the wrong medication, the pharmacy will issue a credit or re-ship.





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