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 Open Houses, Licensed Broker Showings (meeting agents and / or Buyers at Property), Photo & Video Services, Print Marketing, Larger Signage, Prepaid Marketing Packages, Landscaping, Home Staging, Home Repairs, Lenders, Inspectors, Appraisers, Title Companies, etc.


Price your property based on comparable Sales and Current Actives
MLS Sign policy:  "Only For Sale signs of the Listing Broker may be placed on a property which is the subject of a Listing..."
 Residential Signage 
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 Commercial Signage available

PLAN 30,  Sign is not included but is available.  PLAN A Sign included.  PLANS B and C Sign & Frame included

Steel Frame or Wood / Vinyl Sign Post Installed  $75.00

( service areas may be limited )

How long are signposts installed for?

All signpost orders are installed for the life of the listing. We do not have recurring monthly renewal charges. All signposts will be removed within 48 to 72 hours from when the removal request is received.

Other Services Available

Pricing Description 

Brochure/Flyer Box                $15
Our flyer boxes are made of plastic with self-closing lids.

Steel Real Estate Sign Frame,  18"x24" sign




Availability: Hand delivered or usually ships in 2-3 business days  (FedEx).

Directional Sign available

$15.00 if included with initial listing order


Directional Sign available
$25.00 if ordered seperately

Supra iBoxElectronic Key Box $150,   

$40.00 Mailed
  Included: Traditional Listing and PLANS B & C
"Secure Access" Key Box
Similar KeyBox's available locally
Allows General Access to Property
Contractor Keybox
General Access

Studies have shown that homes with lockboxes sell
one third faster than homes without.
Electronic access control
Supra KeyBoxes are designed to assist the real estate professional in the sale of your home. By providing agents convenient, authorized and documented access to your property, your home will get the exposure it needs to sell fast.

A special electronic key and a valid PIN number are required for KeyBox access. Only authorized agents are able to show your home. Each entry is documented in the box and in a database.

Security and privacy
The Supra KeyBox records the agentís identity, office, phone number and time the KeyBox is opened. To assure your privacy, the KeyBox offers an option to limit showing hours.

Showing By Appointment Only
You or your agent may require all showings to be prescheduled through the listing agent or to be accompanied. Supra KeyBoxes can be restricted with an additional code known only to the listing agent allowing keys to be kept at their safest location (your home) while still maintaining listing agent control.

GE Supra e-Lockbox with auto Email Notification of access.  (Rental fee $150).  Available on WFRMLS, PCMLS & Washington County MLS areas.  included in Plan B & C and Traditional Service



$ @ Cost, Multiple Vendors
Virtual 24/7 Open House

(Realtor.com charges $25 for virtual tour link to their site)


Multiple Other Vendors provide Video Tours.      Google Search "Video Tours"
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